Japan Gaming Congress 2018 
To Find A Way Out of IR Bill

Japan Gaming Congress 2018 
Mr. Koichi Hagiuda, a board member of the Integrated Resort(IR) Caucus

Japan Gaming Congress 2018 was held during 10th to 11th May by Clarion Events Ltd., which is one of the world's leading event organizers.

Liberal Democratic Party member Mr. Koichi Hagiuda, a board member of the Integrated Resort(IR) Caucus serving a first day's greetings, said “Japan is aiming to establish a MICE tourism business and Creating a facility where to introduce Japanese culture, tradition and innovative technologies to all over the world, not just a casino ban.” And urged the persistent IR opposition to understand the importance of IR in Japan.
He also suggested his aspiration for IR that does not detract of Japan's attractiveness while seeking to pass the bill under the severe circumstances that the rest of the current session will be limited.

In the session entitled " How will regulation insure that IR policy goals are met?", lawmakers from several political parties attended to discuss the bills submitted last month, and how IR should be in Japan, etc. in panel discussion moderated by Mr. Akira Kurita from Hakuhodo.


First speaker Masashi Adachi, member of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party, commented that "In addition I have pointed out to the Government not only the statutory matters but also decisions by the Ordinance and Cabinet Order to finalize bill a highly accuracy" explaining the process of summarizing the draft bill as the ruling party and shows the path from the Cabinet decision to the Diet closing.

Next, Mr. Kiyohiko Toyama, a member of the House of Representatives of the Komeito, spoke the importance of countermeasure for risk of gambling, and he said he would like to promise the passage of problem gambling bill prior to IR Implementation bill.

And a former athlete Ms. Seiko Hashimoto, member of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party, told that "I would like to give an opinion from the House of Councilors called the House of Wisdom of Consciousness," and She showed her hope of casino to gain understanding as more familiar entertainment through the example of her experience that Olympic athlete village also has a casino game.

Afterwards, the opposition parties involved in the submission of the promotion bill in 2016 as a joint proposer, Mr. Nobuyuki Baba Member of the House of Representatives from Japan Innovation Party cited Osaka as one of the big cities expected to be the location and said " will be too late to open the IR in 2030. I would like to promote the legislation by the Osaka World Expo. "

Finally, members of the House of Representatives Mr.Mito Kakizawa who left a party of hope 3 days ago to became independent commented about schedule of IR with his stand point however Mr.Toyama made a counterargument, since each lawmaker has their opinion of view for details even if they agree the outline of bill. The audience livened up like as a parliamentary debate in the end.

On 27th April 2018, the IR implementation bill was approved by the government at the Cabinet meeting so as to submitted to the Diet (196th).
LDP and Komeito both ruling party is willing to deliberate problem gambling law prior to IR implementation bill.
The regular session of the Diet is scheduled to close on June 20, the ruling party and the IR caucus however also consider the possibility of the extension of the session to pass the IR bill.

Posted by Akiyoshi Tsuruoka (Gaming Capital Management)